Sound & PA Hire Exeter

If you are looking for a PA System, Speaker Hire, or need band equipment in Exeter, Devon or surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. We have an excellent collection of sound equipment for hire, including well-respected brands such as EV (Electrovoice), Soundcraft, Shure, Sennheiser and more.

Our sound hire categories available from our Exeter branch are below:

Ready-made Sound systems and PA system Packages

Not sure what you need? Try one of our ready-made packages!

PA System Hire, Exeter

Sound System Rental, PA System Hire Exeter Devon Speakers Microphones for Hire

Our PA Systems are suitable for a wide range of events including local Fetes and Festivals, Wedding Speeches, Conferences and more!

Each package consists of speakers, speaker stands, a microphone and all the cables you might need. Designed to be super-simple, our suggested PA packages are easy to set up yourself if you opt to collect from us.

We can supply sound technicians / engineers to deliver, set-up, and manage your equipment if desired.

Sound System Rental Devon

Sound System Rental, PA System Hire Exeter Devon Speakers Microphones for Hire

Similar to the PA hire packages above, but without the microphones and mixer, and with larger options available too. Our ready-to-go sound systems are great for Weddings, House Parties, Bands and Musicians, and much more. Just plug in your phone (or other device/signal) and you’re set.

Sound Systems include speakers, cables, and stands or distance poles if required. They’re also available as a DIY or assisted hire.

Individual sound equipment hire (Exeter)

Most of our equipment is available to hire separately too (generally for professionals only). So if you’re looking for speakers, a sound system, mixing desk or wireless microphone to hire in and compliment your existing set up, let us know.

Speaker rental Exeter

DJ Party Disco Light Hire Exeter Southampton House Garden Party Parties

New for 2021, we’ve invested in EV’s flagship speaker system – the Electrovoice ETX series. With a huge power rating, high SPL and linear response, these subs (EV ETX-18SP subwoofers) and tops (EV ETX-15P) can make a tremendous impact at your event.

For less demanding events, we also stock the superb Mackie Thump series – quality active speakers which are suitable for a wide range of purposes. These are often used as part of our PA packages, or as stage monitors.

Microphones and wireless microphones

Shure SM58 Microphone Hire Exeter Devon Wireless Mics Band Equipment Rental

One mic short – we’ve all been there! No job is too small; if you need as little as one extra Shure SM58 or 5 metres of XLR cable, we can save the day. Just come and visit us at our branch in Exeter.

We currently stock a number of the industry-standard SM58 mics, plus a range of budget-friendly Behringer XM5800 alternatives.

Wireless Microphones are also available – Sennheiser EW300 G2 handhelds are a great all-round choice, or for headset mics try our fantastic value Sennheiser freeport range.

Drum mics, DI boxes, XLR and Speakon cable are also available.

Sound Engineers in Exeter

Sound Hire PA System Rental Exeter Devon Speakers Microphone

Our sound engineers are available with or without equipment to assist with your event.

Every event we supply at LiveSupport is different, so our sound technicians have a broad range of experience working with live bands and musicians, theatre performances, conferences, and local events.

Enquire today about our availability!