Local Festival Stage Hire

Outdoor festival stages are available to hire for local festivals in Exeter, or across Devon, Cornwall Somerset and Dorset.

We can supply any sized stage up to our largest 6 metre x 4 metre package, which has been used at events with up to 2,000 guests.

Due to the large number of options for the stage, sound, and lighting equipment, stage hire prices vary quite a lot. However, as a rough estimate, you can expect a package including a 6m x 3m stage with canopy, LED lighting system with truss structure, medium sound system, and technical crew to start at £1300 for a single day event. Of course, not all events require this much equipment so may be cheaper, and some larger events need more equipment – contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also have a range of indoor festival packages, which are fantastic for pop-up pubs and bar tents at major events like Glastonbury Festival! These can be tailored to your requirements, so please get in touch for more information.

Outdoor Stage Hire Case Studies

Bovey Tracey Picnic in the Park 2019 Stage Hire

We provided Stage Hire, Stage Lighting, a Sound System and technicians for Bovey Tracey Carnival’s 2019 Picnic in the Park Event in Devon.

After discussions with the organisers, we supplied our medium-sized, 6 metre x 3 metre stage with marquee canopy for weather protection. We also constructed a truss structure for rigging LED par cans and speakers.

We had fantastic feedback from the organisers and were asked to supply the same package again for their next event.

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Topsham Charter Day 2021

After a long break thanks to Covid-19, we were back out enjoying the music at the Topsham Charter Day 2021 in Exeter.

We were initially booked to supply just our 6m x 3m stage and canopy, but after another supplier fell ill with two days to go, we were asked to supply sound and lighting too.

We brought along our flagship EV ETX sound system, along with our new IP-rated LED par cans. The end result was perfectly suited to the event and a well-needed dance was had by all.

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Stage options

Our smallest outdoor stage hire would be a 3m x 2m deck with gazebo canopy. This is a great option for smaller events like Summer fetes where value for money is a must.

If something slightly larger is required, we can hire a 5m x 3m stage with pop-up gazebo canopy. This package is also lower cost due to the fast set up time, and is a good choice for pub gardens, school fetes, and other local events.

The most popular outdoor stage we hire is our medium, 6m x 3m stage with marquee-style canopy. This is the model used for the two case studies mentioned above and is the perfect balance between value and performance.

The largest stage we currently offer is a 6m x 4m stage. This comes with a marquee-style canopy and is ideal for slightly larger local festivals, or events where a large band is to perform on stage.

All stages are delivered and set up by our technical crew, so minimal hassle for you. We can supply sound system hire, stage lighting, rigging hire and more alongside any stage package.

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