Mobile Nightclub Hire Devon

Mobile Nightclub Hire Exeter is one of our most unique services! We can turn any venue into a full nightclub, with sound system, club lighting above the audience, special effects, and – of course – a DJ to suit.

Renting a Mobile Nightclub is a great way to make your event one to remember. They’re popular for 18th Birthdays, 21st Birthdays, 30th Birthdays, Student Events, Winter Ball Events, Young Farmer’s Parties and even Weddings!

A full Mobile Nightclub, with sound system, DJ, and lighting above the audience, generally costs between £500 and £1000 depending on the options chosen and the length of the event.

About our portable nightclub rentals based in Exeter:

Nightclub Sound System Rental

Mobile Nightclub Hire Exeter Devon - Hire your own portable pop up night club Tiverton Exmouth Dawlish Taunton

A range of sound systems are available to suit your venue. For our nightclub transformations we generally recommend our medium, large, or extra-large sound systems.

The medium option includes 2x EV ETX-15P top speakers, and 2x EV ETX-18SP subwoofers, for a total of 7600 watts of sound power. This is great for a nightclub feel in small and medium venues, e.g. a 6m x 4m marquee.

Our large sound system hire includes an extra two EV ETX-18SP subs, for a volume level equivalent to most nightclubs! This is a great option for Dance, RnB, Grime Music and other genres with lots of low frequencies.

Extra large sound systems are also available, which can include speakers in other rooms or even outside, allowing a larger audience to enjoy the music.

Nightclub Lighting Hire Exeter

Nightclub Party Hire Exeter Southampton DJ Disco Laser Club 18th 21st Birthday

You can’t have a Mobile Nightclub Hire Exeter without the club lighting!

A lighting system can be recommended based on the size of your venue, and may include moving lights, lasers, strobes, and more. Moving lights (for example LED moving heads, DJ scanners) create a dynamic feel with beams moving through the air. Lasers provide a classic nightclub or festival look and are well-suited for Dance and House music.

Alongside lighting, we can also hire smoke machines, vertical fog machines, and haze machines to provide some amazing FX! We also have a video DJ booth to provide an extra-special focal point for your nightclub.

Previous examples of Exeter Mobile Nightclub Hire

B’s Nightclub Hire Devon – 18th Birthday

Mobile Nightclub Hire for Club themed birthday parties 21st 18th Birthday DJ Disco Hire Exeter Devon

Check out the nightclub we supplied for B’s 18th Birthday in Devon. We brought our large sound system, with our large lighting set up.

We were also able to connect to additional lighting provided by the marquee company, which added an extra visual element above the audience.

30th Anniversary Nightclub Rental Tiverton, Devon

Mobile Nightclub Hire Exeter Devon - Hire your own portable pop up night club Tiverton Exmouth Dawlish Taunton

We were approached by E, and asked to provide a similar night club set up for their large marquee in Tiverton.

Truss towers were built next to the marquee’s support poles, enabling us to hang lighting above the audience for a true nightclub feel.

Our large sound system rental performed flawlessly, and the lighting was second -to-none. An enjoyable night had by all and certainly one to remember!